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black garlic

It took a long time to perfect the process of aging the most flavorful garlic bulbs to produce this delectable treat.

Velvety smooth and sweet, with citrus top notes and hints of plum. Add to your recipes for an intriguing umami depth of flavour, or simply enjoy on it's own.

A perfect gift for those adventurous foodies and aspiring chefs, or a stunning addition to any cheese platter or dish. Maintains its deep colour throughout cooking and imparts a mellow umami sweetness to any dish.

Product sold by the bulb (each bulb contains several cloves) .

For smaller bulbs, a few extra loose cloves may be added to make up the weight for you.

I grow my own garlic in West Clare and also use heritage Spanish grown garlic.

Your black garlic will be posted to you within two business days of payment, by An Post.

For overseas shipping please contact me and I'll do my best to get you the most efficient and cost effective delivery.

I use minimal packaging to be as eco friendly as possible.

Buy one bulb by clicking "add to basket" underneath the picture on the left here, or scroll down for savings on multiple bulbs.

Why buy from The Naked Forager?

  • I grow my own garlic without using pesticides, fungicides or artificial fertilisers.  This means less air miles, less disruption to eco systems and a lower carbon footprint.  When I run low on my own garlic, I buy in heritage European garlic, ensuring a constant supply for you, year round.
  • Your Black Garlic is sent to you in minimal packaging to reduce waste...just enough to ensure it arrives safely at your door.
  • All Naked Forager products are 100% cruelty free and Vegan Friendly
  • The Naked Forager is a small business in West Clare, supporting other small businesses.

plant more trees

For each 1 euro donated, one native tree will be planted.  It's that simple.  Watch this space as the Trees grow.

deciduous tree in a green field